We treat our customers as business partners because value we put in their products and efficiency in their processes through our world class technical services ensure our long terms partnership with them. Our technical support team is committed to provide the best services irrespective of how small the concern is, we strive to deliver excellence in our response. Our desire is make prompt response to our customers and provide intelligent, effective solutions. Our common search of excellence motivates everything we do from the moment our partnership starts.

Our technical support team help you to select right product for your application and safe product handling. To understand customer requirement our Technical Support Team visits customer plants and laboratories and interacting with end users to develop new products, upgrade existing products and offer solution to customer complaints.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

All products are tested as per defined method of analysis and results are reported in certificate of analysis report. COA can be downloaded from the website or you can write to qa@finarchemicals.com

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

MSDS are available for all the listed Finar products. The same can also be downloaded from website or you can write to qa@finarchemicals.com

Method of Analysis

All enlisted products are tested as per standard testing procedure. The method of analysis can be shared with customers upon request in special cases. Please write to qa@finarchemicals.com

Certificate of Origin

The certificate of origin can be shared for all enlisted products with customers upon request. Please write to qa@finarchemicals.com

BSE/TSE Declaration

Finar provides a certificate indicating the product is free from BSE/TSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy/ Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy) upon request. Please write to qa@finarchemicals.com

Shelf Life Declaration Certificate

Finar provides a certificate indicating product shelf life and this can be issued upon request. Please write to qa@finarchemicals.com

Complaint Management

Finar has a highly qualified and experienced team to address customer complaint about products and services. Once the complaint is received, it is registered as per QMS and investigated thoroughly and detailed corrective and preventive action is communicated to customers within agreed time. A consumer can register any product complaint on qa@finarchemicals.com

Customer Audit

To address the growing need of regulatory requirements, Finar allows customers to conduct Plant audits as per ISO standards and GMP on a case to case basis. In case customers have specific requirements, they need to communicate in advance for details of standards and can audit the plant. Please contact the Finar sales team at least 20 days in advance and send a request on techsupport@finarchemicals.com / qa@finarchemicals.com

Customer Questionnaire

Finar receives regular requests from customers to complete their supplier questionnaire as per GMP requirements and their vendor registrations as per ISO requirements. A customer may contact the sales team or send the requests directly on qa@finarchemicals.com

Residual Solvent Statement

Finar can provide residual solvent statement for pharmaceutical raw and excipients to customers on case to case bases.