Drug Master Filed Products (with USFDA)

To address growing need of customers for submitting US drug applications (NDA and ANDA), Finar offers a range of DMF “Type IV” registered products. These products are prescribed for NDA and ANDA filing of various critical Drug formulations.

List of DMF filed products are:
  • Acetonitrile HP (DMF # 26612)
  • Benzene sulphonic acid HP (DMF # 26703)
  • Cyclohexane HP (DMF # 26698)
  • N,N-Dimethyl acetamide HP (DMF # 26702)
  • Monosodium glycine carbonate HP (DMF # 26697)
  • Tertiary Butanol HP (DMF # 024710)

New products are continually added to our labelled solvents offerings. Please visit this page again for updated details. For your inquiries, please email us at excipients@finarchemicals.com