Date: 03 February 2015

Prantik Mukherjee joins Finar as Director-Sales

Prantik Mukherjee (née Mukhopadhyay), a young and dynamic industry professional has joined Finar Limited, an Ahmedabad based leading manufacturer of Laboratory and Fine Chemicals as the Director Sales (Lab Business). Prior to joining Finar, Mr. Mukhopadhyay was Director -Sales of Merck Millipore Lab Business (a German multinational & a world leader in life sciences) Mr. Mukhopadhyay has an industry experience of over 24 years and has held significant portfolios in the Life Sciences Sector (Laboratory Chemicals, Chromatography, Clinical Diagnostics, Specialty Chemicals & Lab Instruments). 

The company has witnessed a robust 25% + growth year on year and would join the league of > 100 crore enterprises in the SME segment this year. “Investing in the Business” has been the core philosophy of the promoters at Finar, be it through profits, people, and manufacturing facility. The growth has been fuelled by an excellent team at the helm of the business and delivered by a world class facility. The plant got a further facelift through a state-of-the-art Quality Control Lab & FDA approval as per the new GMP standards. 
On joining the company, Mr.Mukhopadhyay said, “I am glad to have joined a growing and promising organization. The vision & values at Finar are remarkable and well aligned with their work ethics. With a commendable growth and a highly recognized market reputation, I am sure I would be able to lend my experience and take the business to a higher level. I am looking forward to a fruitful & long lasting relationship with Finar.” 

Mr.Bishwajeet Roy, Director & Chief Operating Officer, Finar Limited commented, “We are happy to have Mr.Prantik Mukhopadhyay with a large industry experience join our team. Our vision to attain a leadership position in the Lab business will be further propelled by Mr. Mukhopadhyay’s enriched industry experience & knowledge. The company’s focus would now get enhanced on Lab as well as Pharma business. We look forward to his contribution in Finar’s future growth plans.” 

Mr.Amit Maheshwari, Director, Finar Limited expressed, “It is indeed exciting to have Mr. Mukhopadhyay to lead our Lab Business. There is a great potential for growth in this segment not just in India but globally and Mr.Mukhopadhyay’s comprehensive experience attained over his career would bring great value to company’s future strategy. 

Date: 27 October 2014

Finarbytes - Our 1st magazine

Imagine a world where you can exchange ideas with your friends, team members and peers without saying a word. Imagine creating a new world within our office walls, a world with windows of opportunity and progress with every turn.

It’s like the days when we were little kids at school. We’d always hate the mean and haughty teacher, but adore the understanding one. And with that adoration, came respect and fierce loyalty. All of us need a friend who can help us understand the world around us. At our workplace, we can create a mutual friend who can communicate our ideas and goals to our team members, while at the same time ensuring that you get to hear their issues at work too. This friend is an in house magazine "Finarbytes" which creates an unforgettable experience for us.

Date: 10 September 2014

Finar Limited profit increased to 26.63%

Date: 02 August 2014

Finar has opened Central Stock Point at Matoda, Ahmedabad to serve more efficiently to the customers.

Date: 01 July 2013

Finar launched Price List ,PL 15 on 1st July 2013 and highlighted a range of products used in manufacturing, quality control and research and development.

  • Pharmacopeia Labeled Products
  • Chemicals used in Food Processing Industries
  • Chemicals used in person care formulation
  • Drying agents
  • HPLC Solvents
  • HPLC buffers and Ion pair reagents
  • Trifluoroacetic acids HPLC
  • ACS Grade Reagents
  • Building Blocks and special reagents for organic synthesis
  • Biochemistry Chemicals
  • Other routine Chemicals
Date: 06 December 2012

Finar has opened Gujarat depot at Sarkhej, Ahmedabad to serve more efficiently to the customers.

Date: 25 October 2012

Finar was successfully assessed and registered by Intertek for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 systems.

Date: 29 August 2012

Finar Chemicals Limited name has been change to Finar Limited on 29th Aug 2012.

Date: 04 August 2012

FDA Gujarat has given manufacturing license (Form 25) to Finar Chemicals Limited through license number G/25/1970 dated 4th Aug 2012 for Manufacturing of Drugs other than specified in schedule C,C(1) and X.