Our innovative and Customer Centric approach give us a challenge to develop new products and improve existing product range. Our product portfolio include various grade of inorganic and organic salt , acids , solvents , stains and indicators ,formulated chemicals like Karl Fischer reagents and Pharmaceutical excipients . These chemicals are used in chemical analysis of food to pharmaceutical, steel to cement, enzyme to environment monitoring . Number of chemicals are used in manufacturing process in electronic industries, speciality chemical formulation and thermal power plant in electricity generation.

We offer range of chemicals for sample preparation, classical wet and instrument analysis. To address change in regulatory requirement in pharmaceutical analysis and environment monitoring, our R&D team has developed GC HS grade and PRA grade solvents suitable for these analysis. We offer range of excipients labelled with USP-NF /BP/Ph.Eur /JP and IP and also offer various DMF type IV Excipients registered with US FDA.

For your inquiries, please email us at npd@finarchemicals.com