Manufacturing Infrastructure

Finar possesses a contemporary manufacturing facility expanded to meet the growing needs of high purity chemicals. The facility spread over 1 lakh sq feet area and plant is designed as per cGMP norms. The company has a built in facility for 16 reactors from 1.6KL to 3.0 KL ,these reactors are GLR and SS with a column height up to 30 feet. Plant has capacity to purify 15,000 litres of solvent per day. The facility also has dedicated infrastructure for inorganic and organic salts manufacturing and purification.

Packing Line
Company has dedicated packing rooms for solid and liquid packing with regulated area (Class 100000) to minimize contamination.

Under Ground Tanks & DPG Warehouse
The facility has a separate built in area dedicated to store Dangerous Petroleum Goods (DPG) under the explosives act, duly approved by the respective authorities. Along with the warehouse, a total of eight underground tanks have been installed with the capacity of 15 KL each.

Dedicated pipelines for materials and utilities such as compressed air, nitrogen gas, steam etc have been duly installed at the facility. The utilities include a boiler, cooling tower, air compressor and water purification Reverse osmosis plant etc.

Adequate storage area has been created to ensure that all material is safely stored across the entire facility. Solvents are stored in underground tanks as well as drums in designated areas. For powder storage, high end, multi level racking system has been installed so that there is no damage to materials even while longer storage durations.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Finar understands the need for accuracy in quality for all products and thus, pays high attention to the quality control approach to achieve precision in analysis. The client can be rest assured to receive zero fault goods as at Finar, each and every stage of production from vendor approval of raw materials to production and post production are closely monitored as per specifications. All the manufacturing and quality processes are mapped and recorded as per ISO 9001 standards. These reports are then monitored at regular intervals by a team of qualified internal auditors who further report any sort of quality deviations to the senior management.

Changes in regulatory requirements always impact the manufacturing processes and methods of analysis of purities and impurities. Finar Chemicals has developed different purification processes and analytical methods to analyse impurities in ppb levels.

Learning and Development is significant to any organization. It is aimed at bettering the performance of individuals within the company as well as makes them competent for world working environment. Continuous process improvement as well as training for team members is carried out to update them in terms of change in pharmacopoeia specification or upgradation of product specifications as per new client procedures.

The quality assurance team ensures development and implementation of SOP, GMP documentation control, product complaint and reviews like GMP audit, GMP training and cross functional investigations.

EHS POLICY – Environment, Health & Safety Policy

At Finar, the company is continuously upgrading processes by opting for the best available technology which is environmentally sustainable and safe to operate. The aim is to have processes that have zero negative impact on employees and society. The company's success depends on carrying out and following efficient manufacturing processes which use minimum energy and raw materials. All the effluent generated at the plant is treated on-site to meet all the standards set by regulatory authorities.

All the processes are certified as per ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and regular internal and external audits are carried out to identify as well as correct any nonconformities.

Training and Development is a priority at Finar and training with regards to safety, health and environment is carried out at regular intervals.

The team is the pedestal on which the company stands. Finar is always concerned about the health of its team and thus, to monitor the same, health checkups are carried out for all employees across all grades. The health and safety committee of the company under the apt guidance of the Director regularly inspect, monitor and ensure implementation of safe working practices in all departments.