Excipients & Solvents for the Pharma Industry

Growth in pharma & health care industry depends on availability of world class drug at economical price which can only be achieved by converting your supply chain into a value chain. At Finar we constantly innovate and introduce various recipients & solvents to be used as raw materials in pharmaceutical formulations and API manufacturing. This range not only includes high quality products but also comes bundled with a host of features and technical / analytical documentation and support for Regulatory Market Formulations & API synthesis, including Drug Master Filing. Our offerings are:

All these products are manufactured in our revised Schedule M certified facility and are offered with complete regulatory support & documentation as under:
  • Vendor Questionnaire & subsequent plant audit
  • 3 batch samples for validations & approvals
  • Products offered for R&D, Exhibit levels as well as commercial scale manufacturing
  • Residual Solvent compliance
  • Elemental impurities compliance
  • Genotoxic impurities compliance
  • TSE / BSE free Certificate
  • GMO Declaration
  • Latex / Gluten / Melamine / Allergen free Declaration
  • Stability Data & Shelf Life Declaration
  • Pack Mode Declaration
  • Manufacturing Flow Chart
  • Site Plan & Organogram
  • Certificate of Analysis & Method of Analysis
  • Supporting chromatograms
  • Method validation protocols & data
  • Batch Number Nomenclature
  • Sample retention for future data & analytical support required during ANDA filing.
  • Stability data
  • Vendor Qualification Documents – well defined & ready to submit
  • Customer VQ formats also supported
  • CTD Dossier Preparation & much more…