“Team Finar” Celebrates 21 years in the Industry

It was a proud day for all Finarian’s as we completed 21 years in the industry and reached yet another milestone.  The entire Finar family met at Club O7 to celebrate, have fun and mingle with each other with many performances and fun activities.  

CPHI 2019 - China

Finar participated at CPHI China in June 2019. The Finar team met several international companies to build on existing business and explore opportunities to expand business to deliver innovative products as well as enter new markets.

CPHI 2018 - Madrid, Spain

Finar participated at CPHI World Wide 2018, Madrid in October 2018. The Finar team met over 180 companies to build on existing business and explore opportunities for innovative products as well as new markets.

CPHI 2016, Barcelona

Finar's participation at CPHI worldwide 2016, Barcelona during 4th to 6th October 2016 was compelling. 3000 + companies from all over the world were present to showcase their products and services. More than 200 meetings were conducted and opportunities for innovative products and new market were explored.


Finar Participated in Asia Labex 2016, at Gujarat University Convention & Exhibition Centre Ahmedabad - Gujarat during 22nd to 24th September 2016. 

National Safety Week 2016

Finar celebrated 45th National Safety week with enthusiasm. This year's theme was - "Strengthen Safety Movement To Achieve Zero Harm"

Kenya Laborum 2016

Finar participated in the Kenya Laborum event during 18th February to 20th February 2016. The event was well attended by various industry experts from Africa.

CPhI Worlwide 2015 - Madrid, Spain - 13-15 October

Finar's participation at CPhI Worldwide 2015, Madrid, Spain was conspicuous. Exhibition was held from 13-15 October 2015. More than 2500 leading companies from all over the world were present to showcase their products and services in the expo. Our stall attracted more than 100 corporate officials for the business opportunities. Our presence in CPhI paved the way for fruitful discussions for marketing and scope of distribution of our innovative products across the globe.

Finar's 18th Inception Day

It has been 17 years, since we have begun our fantastic journey.This definitely calls for a celebration. Now we have another year to excel in all our pursuits and constantly create value for our stakeholders.

Radio Mirchi multiplied the joy on the occasion with corporate clash event.

National Safety Week - 2015

Every year, 4th March-11th March is celebrated as National safety week. This campaign was launched in 1972 and has since been organized every year. The Campaign now entering into 44th year, has grown into a major national campaign widely celebrated by industry, trade unions, govt. departments. Finar always concernes about Health and Safety of its people and enthusiastically participate any such activities.. 

Our Objectives:

1.            Achieve the greatest participation of the employees

2.            Tap local talents in factory for the celebration

3.            To get the goal of developing and strengthening the EHS activities among people to the workplaces.

Finar has celebrated safety week with:

1.            Quiz competition (start from 4th March to 11th March)

2.            Safety suggestion schemes (slogans/ suggestion to improve upon, to drop chits in suggestion box)

3.            Practical demonstrations on use of PPEs, Fire Fighting equipment etc.