Finar Foundation is an honest effort of Finar limited to bring the positive change in the society. The concept was born on 21st June 2014.

At Finar we firmly believe that social responsibilities are much more than merely planting trees, donating blood or creating infrastructure. We believe our responsibility travels beyond the boundaries of financial help and providing things.

Our dream is to give CSR a new dimension and a new definition. Our social responsibilities are about building a bright future, a healthy & happy family life. We wish to provide incubator to young minds and bring their dreams to reality.

Finar foundation is continuously focusing on making positive contribution to the communities who necessitate the support on Environment, Education, Safety and Health front.

Above Finar Foundation is registered under 80G (5) of IT act 1961
Registration No: AAATF4512E/01/15-16/T-0105/80G (5)

Mention: Finar Foundation is registered under trust certificate no: F/17614/Ahmedabad Date:21/06/2014
Society Registration no: GUJ/18101/Ahmedabad Date:21/06/2014

To know more about us:
Address: Finar Foundation, 1406, Shapath V, S G Highway, Ahmedabad - 380015
Call: +91 79 400 400 85
Mail us at:

CSR Policy
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