Excipients developed for specific formulations
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Certain excipients have been exclusively developed for a few drug formulations that would go off patent in the coming years. These excipients are Type IV DMF filed with USFDA to aid to the NDA / ANDA filing planned by the drug formulators.

Drug Formulation Excipient offered by Finar Regulatory Status
Bendamustine tert-Butanol HP US DMF
Acetonitrile HP US DMF
Acetone USP-NF, Ph.Eur, BP
Bortezomib Acetonitrile HP US DMF
tert-Butanol HP  
Cyclophosphamide tert-Butanol HP US DMF
Decitabine Acetonitrile HP US DMF
Busalfan N,N-Dimethyl acetamide HP US DMF
PEG 400 USP / Ph.Eur
Doxorubicin tert-Butanol HP US DMF
Cisatracurium Besilate (Nimbex) Benzene sulphonic acid HP US DMF
Octreotide Acetate n-Heptane US DMF **
Amphoterecin B Di - Sodium succinate hexahydrate US DMF **
Teriparatide meta-Cresol USP, Ph.Eur, BP
Gadopentate dimeglumine  Diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid (Pentetic acid) USP
Octreotide capsule Sodium caprate Excipient Grade
Teriflunomide Hydroxylamine hydrochloride *
Para-Effervescent Tablets (Paracetamol) Monosodium glycine carbonate  US DMF
Dimethyl Fumarate Fumaric acid *

**DMF under filing
*API ingredient