Preparative HPLC Solvents

Preparative HPLC is used for the isolation and purification of valuable products in the chemicals and pharmaceutical industries as well as biotechnology and biochemistry .Processes of preparative chromatography depend upon, the nature of compound and .amount of compound to be isolated. It starts in the μg range for isolation of enzymes in biotechnology and few milligrams in natural products. Industrial scale or production scale preparative HPLC are basic tool to offer highly purified products at economical price.

  • High quality HPLC solvents with Economical price
  • Offers in 2.5 litre and bulk pack
Our range of PRA are:
SAP Code Products Pack size
30029LC100 Acetonitrile For Preprative HPLC 1 Ltr
30029LC250 Acetonitrile For Preprative HPLC 2.5 Ltr