PRA (Pesticide Reside Analysis)

PRA solvents are used for analysis of Pesticide Residual Analysis by using the Electron Capture detector (ECD) and Flame Ionization Detector (FID) in gas chromatography and can be characterized by extremely low content of halogen derivative compounds at ppb levels .These solvents are especially purify so very minimal interference and very small signal from pesticide and insecticide can be quantified.

  • Very Low evaporation residue
  • Products are packed under inert environment and capped with PTFE plug for product stability and higher shelf life
  • Filter through 0.2 micron
  • Tested on GC –ECD to ensure minimum level of halogenated residue causing interfering peak in GC chromatogram
Our range of PRA are:
SAP Code Products Pack size
60020LC100 Acetone for PRA 1 Ltr
60030LC100 Acetonitrile for PRA 1 Ltr
60030LM500 Acetonitrile for PRA 500 ml
60470LC100 Chloroform for PRA 1 Ltr
60515LC100 Cyclohexane for PRA 1 Ltr
60550LC100 Dichloromethane for PRA 1 Ltr
60680LC100 Ethyl Acetate for PRA 1 Ltr
60680LM500 Ethyl acetate for PRA 500 ml
60701SG100 Florisil for PRA 100 GM
60701SR100 Florisil for PRA 1 KG
60701SG250 Florisil for PRA 250 GM
60701SG500 Florisil for PRA 500 GM
61040LC100 iso-Octane for PRA 1 Ltr
60930LC100 Methanol for PRA 1 Ltr
60930LM500 Methanol For PRA 500 ml
60600LC100 N,N-Dimethyl formamide for PRA 1 Ltr
60729LC100 n-Heptane 99% for PRA 1 Ltr
60750LC100 n-Hexane for PRA 1 Ltr
61088LC100 n-Pentane for PRA 1 Ltr
61390LC100 Propan-2-ol for PRA 1 Ltr
60376LC100 tert-Butyl methyl ether for PRA 1 Ltr
61860LC100 Toluene for PRA 1 Ltr