pH Indicator Papers & Test Papers

To monitor pH of soil, waste water samples etc in field and manufacturing processes of textile, leather and pigment and Dyes industries, pH indicator papers are used to give instant result. Special papers like starch iodide paper are used for monitoring oxidising agents in lab and manufacturing processes. We use high quality filter paper and approved Indicator dyes and our manufacturing process ensure distribution of dyes in the paper. Finar special design in-house manufacturing facility ensure to timely delivery and consistency batch quality.

  • Distinct colour for each pH value
  • Economical for routine pH testing
  • Accurate & reproducible results
  • User friendly Kangaroo pack
  • High Contain special indicator dyes that are covalently bound to the cellulose of the reagent paper
  • No contamination of the medium under investigation
Our range of pH Indicator Papers & Test Papers are:
SAP Code Products Pack size
10528BK010 Congo red indicator papers 10 bkt
10528BK001 Congo red indicator papers 10 bkt
10841BK010 Litmus paper blue 10 bkt
10842BK010 Litmus paper red 10 bkt
21148BK010 pH indicator paper full range pH 1.0-14.0 10 bkt
11148BK060 pH Indicator paper multi range (each of the above 6 ranges 10 bkt) 60 bkt
11142BK010 pH indicator paper pH 2.0-4.5 10 bkt
11143BK010 pH indicator paper pH 3.5-6.0 10 bkt
11144BK010 pH indicator paper pH 5.0-7.5 10 bkt
11145BK010 pH Indicator paper pH 6.5-9.0 10 bkt
11146BK010 pH Indicator paper pH 8.0-10.5 10 bkt
11147BK010 pH Indicator paper wide range pH 2.0-10.5 10 bkt
11735BK005 Starch iodide papers 5 bkt