Gradient HPLC

To address growing need of HPLC solvents suitable for gradient analysis in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic and chemicals industry, Finar developed HPLC solvents addressed specific need of these industries. Finar Acetonitrile and Methanol HPLC Gradient solvents are purified with advance purification technology which able to remove impurities interfering in Gradient HPLC analysis. These products are tested as per American Chemical Society, 10th edition on gradient test and also tested on lower wavelength for gradient application. Label provides actual UV graph batch analysis from 195nm to 230 nm. These ranges of solvents are free from UV absorbing impurities and ensure consistent result in gradient analysis.

  • Smooth baseline and minimum drift ensure detection quantification of lowest possible analytes concentration
  • Consistent result in gradient analysis
  • Exceed ACS specifications
  • Minimum peak impurities in the gradient chromatogram
  • High UV transmission on lower wavelength
Our range of Gradient HPLC are:
SAP Code Products Pack size
40030LC100 Acetonitrile Gradient Grade 1 ltr
40030LC250 Acetonitrile Gradient Grade 2.5 ltr
40930LC100 Methanol Gradient Grade 1 ltr
40930LC250 Methanol Gradient Grade 2.5 ltr