Electronic Grade

Semiconductor and solar photovoltaic cells manufacturing need high quality chemicals, which ensure high performance of semiconductor devices and high efficiency of photovoltaic cells, Finar developed range of reagents suit to these application. Our electronic grade reagents are conforming to international standards and have very low level metallic impurities and ensure the best performance of the final products.

  • Low level of metallic impurities
  • Available in bulk pack
  • High process control in each manufactures processes
Our range of Electronic Grade are:
SAP Code Products Pack size
40010LC250 Acetic acid glacial EL Grade 2.5 Ltr
40010LM500 Acetic acid glacial EL Grade 500 ml
30932LC250 Methanol EL Grade 2.5 Ltr
41390LC250 Propan-2-ol EL Grade 2.5 Ltr