For Bacteriology

Microorganism growth in culture media depends on the right nutrients ,containment free media ingredients , in addition to other factors like pH ,moisture ,oxygen availability as per requirement and temperature .Finar offers range of microbiological culture media ingredients namely Agar Agar , Peptone , Yeast and Gelatin which are processed and tested for suitability for performance and packed under the control conditions for product stability and minimise environment contamination.

  • Desire bacterial growth in microbiology culture media
  • Agar Agar with high gelling strength

Our range of For Bacteriology are:
SAP Code Products Pack size
10050SG250 Agar agar (for bacteriology) 250 g
10050SG500 Agar agar (for bacteriology) 500 g
10050SK025 Agar agar (for bacteriology) 25 kg
10050SR500 Agar agar (for bacteriology) 5 kg
10246SG500 Beef extract powder for bacteriology 500 gm
10246SK025 Beef extract powder for bacteriology 25 kg
10246SK050 Beef extract powder for bacteriology 50 kg
10296SG100 Bile salt for bacteriology 100 gm
10296SG500 Bile salt for bacteriology 500 gm
10713SG500 Gelatin powder for bacteriology 500 gm
10869SG500 Malt extract powder for bacteriology 500 gm
11100SG500 Peptone bacteriological 500 gm
11100SK025 Peptone bacteriological 25 kg
11100SR500 Peptone bacteriological 5 kg
11101SG100 Peptone Bacteriological granular 100 gm
11101SG500 Peptone bacteriological granule 500 gm
11101SK025 Peptone bacteriological granule 25 kg
11101SR500 Peptone Bacteriological granular 5 kg
11405SG500 Proteose peptone for bacteriology 500 gm
11723SG500 Soya peptone for bacteriology 500 gm
11895SG500 Tryptone for bacteriology 500 gm
11950SG500 Yeast extract for bacteriology 500 gm
11950SK025 Yeast extract for bacteriology 25 kg
11950SR500 Yeast extract for bacteriology 5 kg