American chemical Society (ACS) committee on analytical reagents sets the specifications for most chemicals used in analytical testing .Currently ACS is only organisation in the world that sets requirements and develops validated methods for determining the purity of reagents chemicals .These specification have also become the de facto standards for chemicals used in many high purity applications.

  • Meet requirement of American Chemical Society(ACS),10th edition
  • Reproducible and reliable result
  • Reagents suitable for analytical application prescribed in USP

Our range of ACS are:
SAP Code Products Pack size
70540LM500 1,2-Dichloroethane ACS Reagent >99.5% 500 ml
70630LM500 1,4-Dioxan ACS reagent 500 ml
70020LM500 Acetone ACS reagent 500 ml
77930LM500 Carbinol ACS Reagents 99.8 % 500 ml
70465LM500 Chlorobenzene ACS reagent, >99.5% 500 ml
70470LM500 Chloroform ACS reagent 500 ml
70550LM500 Dichloromethane ACS reagent 500 ml
70620LM500 Dimethyl sulphoxide for ACS reagent, >99.9% 500 ml
70660SG500 E.D.T.A. di - sodium salt dihydrate ACS reagent, >99.5% 500 gm
70680LM500 Ethyl acetate ACS Reagent 500 ml
70720LM500 Glycerol ACS reagent, > 99.5% 500 ml
70740LM500 Hexane ACS reagent,> 98.5% 500 ml
70930LM500 Methanol ACS reagent 500 ml
70600LM500 N,N-Dimethyl formamide ACS reagent 500 ml
71380LM500 n-Propanol ACS reagent, >99.5% 500 ml
71390LM500 Propan-2-ol ACS reagent 500 ml
71420LM500 Pyridine ACS reagent, > 99.5% 500 ml
71680SG500 Sodium sulphate anhydrous, ACS reagent, >99.5% 500 gm
70376LM500 tert-Butyl methyl ether ACS reagent 500 ml
71820LM500 Tetrahydrofuran ACS reagent 500 ml
71860LM500 Toluene ACS reagent 500 ml